South Mountain, Maryland: May 13-18

This leg of the retreat will start at a venue to-be-determined in Baltimore, MD, on Sunday, May 13th. We will ride-share shuttle each other to the Appalachian Trail Sunday afternoon/evening at Hosack Run Campground in Caledonia State Park and continue on foot along the A.T. to arrive at Harper’s Ferry, WV, by Friday, May 18th.

To apply for this section please fill out the form here.

Proposed Sunday DOM Schedule:
9am Guided Sitting Meditation/Singing
9:30 Dharma Talk
11am Walking Meditation
12pm Lunch (Eating Meditation)
1pm Total Relaxation/Closing Circle with those departing (if not possible on Friday)
2pm Q&A Panel with Dharma teachers
Simultaneous Welcoming Orientation/Logistics for New Arrivals

Proposed Daily Schedule (Monday-Friday):
6am Wake up
6:30am Sitting Meditation (30mins) and Touching the Earth (15mins)
7:30am Breakfast
8am Prepare Lunch/Break Camp
9am Short Inspiring Talk (20-30mins)
9:30am-1pm Hiking in Noble Silence (impromptu sitting meditation along the way)
1pm Lunch
1:30pm Total Relaxation/Rest
2:00pm-5:00pm Hiking (with mindful conversation)
5pm Set Up Camp and Cook Dinner
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Dharma Sharing/Tea Meditation (Formal/Informal) (2-3 groups)
9pm Sitting Meditation (15 mins)